7 Effective Types Of  Collaboration On Instagram


Brands have chosen different types of collaboration on Instagram, as it is more cost-effective and reaches the target audience in no time. Collaborations not only benefit the brand but the Influencer as well. You can expect great results if you promote your products or services on Instagram.

Influencers are real people and their recommendations can be trusted as they have expertise in their niche.

The first step in influencer marketing is to find the right influencer who will be well suited for your campaign. You can also go with multiple Micro-Influencers as it can make your brand campaign more impactful and long-lasting. 

Once you are done finding the right influencer, send them the content guidelines so that they know what is expected from them.

Want to Find out Popular Types of Collaboration on Instagram?

In this blog, we are going to cover the best types of collaboration on Instagram.

1. Sponsored Post

Collaborating with an influencer for sponsored paid posts is the most common type of brand collaboration on Instagram. An influencer would create engaging content to promote your brand and post on their Instagram account. It could be an IGTV, reel, story, or carousel post. 

The brand would be required to send campaign objectives and guidelines so that the influencer can get to work.

They would charge a certain fee depending on the number of followers.

2. Gift Hamper

This type of Brand Collaboration with Influencer, involves the brand, gifting the products for free to the Influencer. The purpose of doing this is to encourage the Influencer to use the brand products and curate content around them.

Gifting is an apt way to promote clothing, accessories, books, etc. The Influencer is open to promoting the product on their social media account. 

Brand Collaboration with Influencer

This works because there is a mutual understanding between the brand and the Influencer.

There could also be exclusive giveaways conducted by the Influencer. It could be a bundle of products, subscription to membership, or a chance to have a meet and greet the Influencer themselves.

3. Instagram Takeover

The Instagram Takeover is also another effective way to collaborate with Influencers. When Influencers take over the brand’s Instagram handle, they make sure that they generate traffic to the brand’s account.

Types of Collaboration on Instagram

Influencers curate content and post it on the brand’s Instagram account rather than the influencer’s account. The Influencer can also go live on the brand’s account and promote the products. In this collaboration, the brand needs to give the influencer access details to their account.

This creates brand awareness and makes the brand gain more social media followers.

4. Instagram Stories Takeover

Stories are a fun and easy way to collaborate with the Influencer.

The Influencer can get creative with creating quirky Instagram stories by using filters and gifs. 

Stories are a better way of reaching your target audience as they are short and easy to understand.

For example – A makeup artist could take over a cosmetic brand’s Instagram page and create a makeup tutorial and promote the beauty products as well.

5. Brand Ambassador Programs

In this type of brand collaboration with Influencer, brands ask the Influencer to be the “face of their brand” i.e. to be a brand ambassador. Influencers share their experience of using the brand’s products on a daily basis.

They can represent the brand at popular events, share free products with the attendees, and curate content to promote the products. Also, ensure that the brand’s values match with influencers’ ethics for a hassle-free campaign.

6. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

The Ask Me Anything feature on Instagram is a way where the Influencer’s followers get to ask interesting questions to start a conversation.

This feature is a great opportunity for brands to collaborate with Influencers. 

Followers can ask questions or queries related to the brand’s products and the Influencer can answer them.

This will create more awareness about the brand and what it has to offer. This also bridges the gap between Influencers and their followers. 

7. Product Reviews

Before buying a product, a customer always does market research. This can be a way for brands to collaborate with the Influencers. 

Brand Collaboration with Influencer

Influencers can give a product review and insights about the features of the product to their followers. 

As their followers trust their recommendations, this can be a great way to collaborate with the influencers which can help boost sales. There are influencers who have made a career in giving only product reviews.

There are different types of collaboration on Instagram, which can give amazing results according to what the brand wants to achieve.

What are the brand’s objectives, marketing goals, and niche?

Getting the answers to the above questions will give clarity about the type of collaboration the brand should go ahead with.