How to be a Fashion Influencer on Instagram in 2021

Is it your dream to be a fashion influencer on Instagram? Well, in that case, you are certainly at the right place.

There is no better time to pursue a career in fashion than now as Instagram has created unparalleled opportunities for all fashion enthusiasts. Whether it is Instagram posts, stories, hashtags, or other similar content, these have helped several people take off their careers. This job never gets boring, lets you channelize your creativity, lets you pursue your hobby, and is quite profitable as well. Honestly, what else could one want?

If how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram has been on your mind, we have something in store for you. And if you are fairly certain that fashion is your thing and if you love to stay ahead of the latest trends then keep reading on. But first, let us get some basics right.

Who exactly is a fashion influencer?

How to Become Fashion Influencer

A fashion influencer is someone who creates fashion-related content for social media and is considered to be an expert in the same.

There are thousands of clothing items, accessories, footwear pieces, etc. that are released every month. But picking out the right ones, and styling them in an appealing way is what fashion influencers do. They also ‘influence’ their followers to make certain fashion choices and help them make better shopping decisions as buyers. 

Fashion influencing is not just about buying tonnes of clothes but the real art lies in making the best of what you have.

Fashion influencing is not just about making money but the career is built out of deep love and passion for the industry.

Hope this gives you an idea of what this career is all about. Now, let us focus on how you can become one.

How to be a Fashion Influencer on Instagram in 2021


1.   Ask yourself if you’re ready for it

Believe it or not but some ideas might sound better in your mind than they are in reality. Before taking a plunge and deciding that you want to be a fashion influencer, it is important to ask yourself this question.

It is ultimately your preparedness about this that will determine how well you go about it. You need to prepare yourself with the ins and outs of what fashion influencing before you actually begin your journey.

There are several things that you will need to consider- like having good camera equipment, investing in a few statement clothing pieces, backgrounds etc.

When we talk about preparedness, we talk not just about your mental preparedness but also from an equipment point of view. When both these things are assured, you are all set to go!

2.   Have an Instagram Business Account

An Instagram business account is different from your normal Instagram account and enables you to use a wide variety of features. These features will help you track your reach better and give you more data about the kind of follower base you have.

These insights and analytics will help you grow better and track your results much more efficiently. From letting you know when your followers are the most active to giving you information about your engagement, these tools are quite helpful.

So, if you wish to know how to be fashion influencer on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is have an Instagram Business account.

3.   Stay informed of the latest trends of the fashion world 

How to become Fashion Influencer on Instagram

As a fashion influencer, it is important that you are always aware of the latest trends and events of the fashion world. Whether it is a new collection launch by a famous brand or a celebrity breaking the internet for trying out a new trend, your followers will rely on you for the best of fashion.

In a world that is driven by fashion, there is always something or the else to talk about. Another thing that you also need to stay informed of is the latest challenges on social media. 

All in all, there’s a lot to know here, and staying aware is what will help you stay ahead of the game.

4.   Pick out your Niche

Although your main niche is fashion influencing, it is always advantageous if you have a USP or unique selling proposition. What is it that defines your overall content the best?

Are you an influencer who focuses more on high-end brands or makes the best of street fashion? Are you inclined more towards the ethnic outfits or the western ones? Do you love retro fashion or is it the other way around for you? Or are you an expert at a little bit of everything?

In this manner, you can pick out your niche even within fashion influencing. 

5.   Do Reviews

Our next advice on how to become fashion influencer would be to do reviews. Honest and genuine reviews on fashion brands, shopping websites, etc. can help you in increasing your follower count.

People are always looking for genuine reviews before trying out new products or brands. You can help them with just that and if your content resonates with them, you will have a new follower.

6.   Reach out to Brands

As a fashion influencer, it is important to reach out to brands at your initial stage. Don’t wait for brands to approach you as it will be difficult for you to be discoverable before you reach a certain stage.

You can tag brands on your posts or send them a direct message on Instagram. If they love your content, you will score yourself a brand deal. 

7.   Know a few marketing tactics

If you wish to make fashion influencing on Instagram a profitable career, it is important that you know a few marketing techniques.

Whether it is knowing how to correctly use the hashtags or knowing about the best time to post, you need to be aware of how Instagram marketing works. This tip on how to be fashion influencer is sure to help you advance in your career.

8.   Maintain High-Quality Content and Stay Original

No matter what, creating high-quality content should always be your top priority. If you wish to grow on this platform and gain more and more followers, it is never a good idea to compromise on the quality of your content.

Similarly, it is also very important to stay original as that is what will always keep you relevant. Remember that it is easy to copy, but it is your originality that will help you carve your own identity.

Here, we told you 8 steps on how to be a fashion influencer on Instagram.  While anyone can be a fashion influencer these days, it is your passion, dedication, and perseverance that will take you to the top.