Hyperlocal Influencing


As Brands and social media users get more aware of influencer marketing, the effectiveness of micro-influencers continues to increase exponentially. Micro-influencers boast a smaller audience with higher engagement rates. In plain terms, micro-influencers get engagement rates that are much higher than bigger social media influencers as micro-influencers establish a better level of trust with consumers and influence groups.

Hyperlocal influencers are a type of micro-influencer that determine their audience not only from a shared interest but sometimes even by geographical area. Below, are some details of how they can help brand campaigns and how their influence is rising.

How are Hyperlocal Influencers different ?

This type of influencer is generally a voice of a community. They are artists, fashionistas, travellers, writers, campaigners, social workers, community leaders and others. Their follower count is not important. What is important is the trust they elicit within their follower group. They are trusted. That is the moot point.

What makes hyperlocal influencers different is their ability to communicate information about your brand or product on a personal level. This attributes the all important factor of ‘Trust’ to a myriad range of campaigns.

Think of traditional influencer marketing as a big fishing net, whereas hyperlocal marketing is more like a quietly efficient fishing rod; at times, traditional marketing campaigns cast a net that is simply too wide.

In essence, using regular influencers shows a brand to a large number of people, whereas hyperlocal influencers ensure the brand hits the exact people it needs.

How are Hyperlocal Influencers used?

To use Hyperlocal Influencers, Brands / Companies need to form a content strategy that resonates with a targeted community or niche. Marking out the right influencers and asking these influencers to contribute content creation may be a good strategy.

Hyperlocal influencers can involve their followers in a brand campaign as well. As they’re a trusted voice, the probability of them seeing your marketing campaign as merely fluff or background noise is lessened. There is much more chances of a campaign or message getting viral in specific interest groups that may have a good effect on ROI.

The hyperlocal influencers are actually the final key to achieve digital media marketing success. As investment becomes increasingly proportionate to the scale of success, the popularity of hyperlocal influencers will increase since they become an integral part of B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies. And as consumers continue to get bombarded with non-stop advertisements, hyperlocal influencers can cut through the noise with their advocacy and authenticity.

The user-generated content created and posted by Hyperlocal Influencers play a large part in the way the rest of their followers perceive a variety of brands. These hyperlocal influencers have no direct link with the brand, but they act as valuable information providers, who can directly influence buying patterns.

How does one become a Hyperlocal Influencer ?

Hyperlocal influencers speak local, live local, and act local, or at least within a geographical or behaviour paradigm that makes them uniquely placed to connect to the local consumer on a more personal level than their counterparts. This kind of intimacy gives brands the chance to tell their stories in the right places with a greater impact. Doing so regularly can help drive sales from target locales. So it is important that the a person aspiring to becoming a Hyperlocal Influencer confirms to the following.

  • Has an active follower base within a specific local or interest group
  • Is respected and looked to for advise
  • Is a trendsetter in local community
  • Is willing to create innovative content that look real and thereby enhances their trust
  • Is careful about the needs, aspirations and nature of his micro-community and continuously adds value, not only through campaigns but in his / her personal content as well.
  • Is selective and careful about the brands / products / services he or she promotes.

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Rakesh Vachher
Co-Founder – Pokeify
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