7 Innovative Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Draw Inspiration From 2022


Without a doubt, influencer marketing is a big deal today in the world of marketing. After seeing the immense results that it can bring, more and more brands around the world are putting their time, effort, and money into influencer marketing campaigns. Whether you have already started out with influencer marketing for your brand or you are looking to start out, this article is for you.

When we talk about something like influencer marketing, it is all about creativity. There are several brands out there who aren’t just using influencer marketing to their advantage but also totally winning at it. Whether you are wondering what a successful campaign looks like or you are just looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, we will tell you about some of the most inspirational campaigns that are worth knowing about. 


Inspirational Influencer Marketing Campaigns Worth Knowing About


1. Daniel Wellington

A company that generates more than $200 million in revenue today, Daniel Wellington’s influencer campaign is definitely appreciable. While the strategy used by the company is quite simple, it has helped them grow multi-folds through the years. In fact, Daniel Wellington became the most cited brand on Instagram for sponsored posts using #ad in 2019.
Influencer Marketing Campaigns
This brand majorly works with several micro-influencers who create Instagram posts for them. Daniel Wellington offers the influencers their brand’s watch and the influencers, in turn, create posts around the watch. The post also mentions that it is a sponsored post and is also often accompanied by an offer or discount code.

This simple influencer marketing campaign has helped Daniel Wellington grow tremendously as a brand. As a result of this campaign, women have also started seeing Daniel Wellington watches as something they must have in their wardrobes.


2. Olay

The next on our list of inspirational influencer marketing campaigns is a campaign by Olay India. Olay is a leading skincare brand that chose mom influencers in their 30s for its campaign. In its ‘Olay for all ages’ 28 days challenge, the brand chose young mom influencers and prompted them to take up the 28 days challenge and then asked them to share their experiences of the same.

This helped Olay establish itself as a cream that can be used daily and can help transform one’s skin. Several mom bloggers took up this challenge for 28 days by partnering with Olay. In turn, this campaign helped Olay reach a huge audience.


3. Coca Cola

Another innovative influencer marketing campaign was introduced by Coca-Cola with its ‘#ThisOnesFor’ campaign. This campaign was meant to make the beverage popular in the Western Europe region.

For this campaign, the brand partnered with several influencers and asked the influencers to share a post of who they will share their Coca-Cola with. The campaign was majorly run on Instagram and several influencers joined in the #ThisOnesFor campaign.


4. BMW
Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The next on our list of inspirational influencer marketing campaigns, let us talk about this campaign by the automobile giant, BMW. When BMW launched its Series 1 Sedan, the brand aimed to attract a younger crowd to the car.

In order to do that, the brand partnered with popular TikTok influencers. The influencers showcased their dance skills by following a set choreography. They were then asked to share their dance videos with the #The1Challenge hashtag. This campaign by BMW was a huge success that garnered millions of views.


5. Nissan

We have another inspirational campaign by the automobile company, Nissan. For its campaign, Nissan organized an event known as the ‘4-day Titan Adventure’, in order to promote Nissan’s Titan ‘The Every-Duty’ Truck. 

For this event, they conducted a number of different activities such as off-roading workshops, snow school activities, and much more. These activities helped the influencers learn more about Nissan’s latest vehicle and were also very fun at the same time. This event by Nissan was covered by the influencers on their social media channels. All in all, this campaign was a great initiative by Nissan that wasn’t just fun and innovative but also helped them market their new product perfectly.


6. Headspace

The next on our list of influential influencer marketing campaigns is a campaign by Headspace, a meditation, mindfulness, and mental health app. As for its campaign, the company teamed up with various influencers and asked them to try out the application.

The influencers then shared their personal experiences with their social media audience. This campaign by Headspace was very effective because the influencers’ personal connection with their audiences and the vulnerability with which the influencers shared their experiences made this campaign a successful one. 


7. KFC
Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

After KFC launched its all-new burger called ‘Double Down Burger’, the burger-giant was looking for innovative ways to promote it. And in order to create some curiosity around, the company partnered with food bloggers and called their burger ‘the secret burger’.

The food influencers were called to taste the burger after its launch. The influencers then tasted it, recorded their reviews, and then posted them on their social media channels. This was a great idea by KFC as it didn’t just help generate curiosity for their product but also marketed in an innovative way.

Here, we told you about 7 fun and interesting influencer marketing campaigns that you can draw inspiration from. Do you know about any more of such campaigns, and which one out of these 7 campaigns did you like the best? And to successfully complete all your influencer marketing campaigns, Pokeify is your ultimate answer.