Influencer Marketing Trends 2021 for Fashion Brands

If we talk about influencer marketing trends 2021, fashion and lifestyle brands should perhaps be talked about first. 

While marketing techniques have been around for several decades, influencer marketing has completely transformed the way a consumer perceives a fashion brand. All thanks to the fashion influencers who have changed the game and kicked it up a notch. Whether it is making a brand more approachable or helping consumers make more informed buying decisions, influencer marketing does it all.

With the social media landscape ever-evolving, new trends are the only constants. Having said that, it is essential that brands and influencers are always on the top of these trends to stay ahead of the competition. 

If you wish to know all about the trends of this year then you are at the right place. Come along, as we dive deeper into this topic.

7 Influencer Marketing Trends 2021 for Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

1. Brands are Seeking Long-Term Partnerships

Instead of working just one time, brands are seeking long-term partnerships with influencers in 2021. The idea behind this is simple- the fact that making a sale takes longer than just one social New Influencer Marketing Trendsmedia post.

This also gives the influencers more time to use their creativity and understand the brand and its products better. No matter what the engagement rate of the influencer is, it takes even the most experienced ones some time to help connect their audience with the brand. 

If you are a brand in search of fashion influencers, we suggest that you onboard them for creating social media posts that are spaced out over a period of time.

2. More Scope for New Social Media Platforms and Content

2020 has taught everyone that no matter what the social media platform is, if one has enough creativity, the platform can certainly be used to his advantage.

Whether it is platforms like TikTok or Clubhouse, all kinds of influencers turned to these to expand their horizons and engage with a wider audience. Influencers used these platforms to create more content that resonated with their audience and leverage their reach.

Newer platforms and content always come as a boon to the brands. Especially when it comes to something like fashion, the sky is truly the limit as the year has seen influencers create mesmerizing fashion content that has left their audience awestruck.

3. Fashion-Only Influencers are at an Advantage

Talking about influencer marketing trends 2021, fashion influencers are certainly at an advantage. It obviously makes more sense for a brand to hire an influencer that belongs to the same niche as the brand. This comes as a boon as, as per this year’s trend, influencer marketing deals are becoming more and more niche-specific.

Fashion influencers are at a huge advantage here as they are likely to get more deals from their niche than ever before.

4. More Innovative the Content, More the Engagement

2020 had everyone locked down into their homes. This gave more time and more scope to the influencers to channelize their creativity in the best possible manner.

Since the time of the lockdown, the internet world has probably seen more innovative content than evermore. The year has proved that it is not always essential to step out of the house to create mind-blowing content.

Trends in Influencer Marketing

Considering influencer marketing trends 2021 for fashion and lifestyle, the overall content has definitely leveled up keeping the audience hooked to their favorite influencers’ pages. 

And one this is for certain- this trend isn’t just limited to this year but is going to continue for the years and years to come.

5. More Video Content

While video content has been in trend for quite some time now, its demand is more on rise than ever more. This is because newer video platforms are making their way to the internet world and the older platforms are continually optimizing how their audience sees a video.

Whether it is YouTube Shorts or Instagram reels, influencers are breaking the internet with their content, one video at a time. The year has seen fashion influencers post-transformation videos, showcase several outfits merely within seconds, and more.

The reason behind this trend is fairly simple and it is the fact that people love video. Especially considering something as versatile as fashion, this is probably one of the biggest influencer marketing trends 2021.

6. Micro and Nano Influencers Creating an Impact

Fashion influencer marketing is no longer just an experienced influencer’s game. There are influencers who have millions of followers and there are also influencers that have followers in thousands.

While it is easy for those with millions of followers to get brand deals, this year’s trendLatest Influencer Marketing Trends has put nano and micro-influencers on the radar of fashion brands too. According to a report, nano influencers belonging to fashion captured a revenue share of more than 39% in the year 2019.

Fashion brands aren’t just hiring those with a huge follower count but also giving the upcoming influencers a chance. This comes as a boon not just for the influencers but for the brands as well. These influencers have more scope and at the same time, brands can work with influencers without stretching their budget much. This still ensures that brands work with influencers who are deeply connected with their audiences. 

7. Authenticity is the Key

While this trend is not just limited to the fashion industry, it is certainly a major trend to consider for the fashion side of influencer marketing.

Whether it is a brand or an influencer, everyone needs to watch out for this trend. In order to best resonate with their audience, authenticity is the number one key.

Genuine content with the influencer actually believing in the brand’s values and products is what makes an influencer marketing deal a successful one. If the sight for authentic content is lost, brand and influencer deals will suffer.

Here, we talked about 7 influencer marketing trends 2021 keeping the fashion and lifestyle brands in mind. If you are a fashion brand, make sure that you look out for these trends and incorporate them in your influencer marketing campaigns to get the best out of them.